Santika Day Spa massage Melbourne


Leave your daily stresses at the door and spoil yourself at our Balinese style day spa.

Be pampered to the sounds of trickling waterfalls and wistful Balinese flutes and rejuvenate your body and soul with one of our beauty packages.

Our Day Spa products price range starts from as little as $35 for a manicure or eyelash and eyebrow tint, to $495 for our indulgent top to toe sensational Santika package, and a variety of different relaxing massages, body wraps and other treatments combined in rituals and combo packages in the middle of this range

Please browse through our package deals below.


A Touch of Bali

A Touch of Bali Approx 1.5 hrs $150.00
Your skin will look and feel luxurious and you will feel revitalised.

  • Bali Coffee and cinnamon exfoliation or Thalgo Descomask.
  • Warm Relaxing oil infusion
Santika Day Spa Melbourne - Touch of Bali Package


Click Here for additional Santika Day Spa Services and Prices such as:

  • Body Exfoliation
  • Essential Back Treatment
  • Specialised facial
  • Traditional facial
  • Express facial
  • Santika pedispa
  • Eyelash tint
  • Eyebrow tint
  • Eyebrow wax
  • Express manicure
  • Express pedispa
Santika Day Spa Melbourne - Santika Sunset Package

Santika Sunset

Santika Sunset Approx 1hr and 45 min $180.00

The perfect combination to refresh your mind and body.

  • Body Scrub – Bali coffee & ginger exfoliation.
  • Body wrap – Personalised to detox, relax or energise.
  • Relaxation massage with Thalgo essential oils. (30 mins)
  • Scalp Massage.

Yoghurt Delight

Yoghurt Delight Approx 2 hrs $220.00
Indulge the body with the sensation of traditional Balinese Lulur exfoliant followed by a yoghurt wrap.

  • Lulur body exfoliation.
  • Yoghurt body wrap.
  • Relaxing massage with essential oils. (30 mins)
  • Thalgo express nourishing facial. (30 mins)
  • light refreshment.
Santika Day Spa Melbourne - Yoghurt Delight Package



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Santika Day Spa Melbourne - Santika Revival Package

Santika Revival

Santika Revival Approx 3.5 hrs $285.00
Indulge the senses in top to toe pampering. This one is all about you.

  • Santika full body massage.
  • Thalgo traditional facial. (1 hour)
  • Santika pedispa.
  • Scalp massage.
  • Light refreshment.

Peace of Bali

Peace of Bali Approx 2 hrs and 45 mins $195.00
Take time out just for you.
(Great Pregnancy Pamper)

  • Relaxing massage (30 mins) .
  • Scalp massage.
  • Santika express manicure
  • Santika pedispa.
  • Light refreshment.
Santika Day Spa Melbourne - Peace of Bali Package
Santika Day Spa Melbourne - Sensational Santika Package

Sensational Santika

Sensational Santika Approx 5 hrs $495.00
Top to toe perfection. (Sensational Bride)

  • Body exfoliation.
  • Body wrap with marine mud.
  • Relaxing body massage.
  • Santika express manicure
  • Santika pedispa.
  • Thalgo specialised facial.
  • Light lunch.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Facial. Approx 1.5 hrs
– Combines marine algae and essential oils to remineralise. $150

  • Hot Stone Body Massage. Approx 1.5 hrs
    – Exfoliation and massage combining slow rhythmic movements
    using hot and cold stones. $150
  • Hot Stone Face & Body. Approx 2 hrs.
    – Induldge your senses – combine both face and body. $200
  • Hot Stone Pedispa. Approx 1 hr. $95
  • Hot Stone Back Massage. Approx 45 mins. $75
Santika Day Spa Melbourne - Hot Stone Massage
Santika Day Spa Melbourne - Spa for Men

Spa For Men

Spa For Men Approx 2.5 hrs $250.00
Contains herbs and spices, botanicals all sourced, dried and packed with masculine blend of essential oils.

  • Herbal Massage Oil.
  • Mens Face and Body Scrub.
  • Mens Body Wrap.
  • Ionic Muscle Soak.
  • Mens Body Moisturiser.

Indoceanne Spa Ritual

Indoceanne Spa Ritual – 4 different cultures. 2 hrs 30 mins $250.00

  • Mediterranean Step.
  • Sweet and Savoury body scrub to nourish and leave the skin velvety soft and smooth. A blend of Sacred Lotus, Brown Sugar, Salt and Mediterranean Essential Oils.
  • Egyptian Step
  • Precious milk bath containing white fine powder with musky scents which relaxes the body.
  • Indian Oil Massage
  • Indoceanne sculpting massage using a nourishing blend of essential oils to Relax and Revitalise you.
  • Chinese Step.
  • A body wrap that envelopes the body in replenishing and regenerating softness.
Santika Day Spa Melbourne - Indoceanne Spa Ritual
Santika Day Spa Melbourne - Vinotheraphy Ritual

Vinotherapy Ritual

Vinotherapy Ritual Approx 2.5 hrs $250.00
Will completely immerse you in the world of the vine with all their anti oxidants:

  • Chardonay Massage Oil.
  • Pinot Noir Face and Body Scrub.
  • Pinot Noir Body Wrap.
  • Chardonay Bath and Body Gel.
  • Vinotherapy Body Moisture.

Chocolate Ritual

Chocolate Ritual Approx 2.5 hrs $250.00
Complete immersion into the world of chocolate, you will feel relaxed and indulged

  • Chocolate Spice Massage Oil.
  • Chocolate Body Scrub.
  • Chocolate Body Mask.
  • Hot Chocolate Milk Bath.
  • White Chocolate Moisturiser
Santika Day Spa Melbourne - Chocolate Ritual
Santika Day Spa Melbourne - Royal Balinese Ritual

Royal Balinese Ritual

Royal Balinese Ritual
Approx 2.5 hrs $250.00
Traditional Balinese Treatment – Products contain native barks, extracts and essential oil true to original recipes.

  • Jamu Massage Oil.
  • Magin Body Scrub.
  • Boreth Wrap.
  • Royal Balinese Bath Milk.
  • Wild Java Body Moisturiser

Services Overview

Salon Services

  • Shellac Nails
  • Pedispa
  • Manicure/ Pedicure
  • Dermabrasion/ Dermalift

Spa Services

  • Body Polishes
  • Body Wraps
  • Facials
  • Massage